Top 10 Super Green Plant-Based Recipes

In our world, eating more plants and a love of all things green go hand in hand…

Of course, turning Green GOODMINZ into creative recipes is our favourite pastime 🙂 But, lazing on the green green grass looking up through beautiful green leaves and wearing our favourite green jumper come close behind!

For now though, we’re here to celebrate the goodness of green veggies. They are great sources of healthy fibre, iron, calcium, potassium, B vitamins and vitamins A, C and K. And, to inspire you to eat more of them we’ve created a round up of our favourite super green plant-based recipes – from some of the most creative cooks of today.

Vegetables are for life, not just dinner. So, let’s hear it for the awesome green vegetable!

Summer Green Smoothie Bowl

What better way to start your day than a super green smoothie bowl from The Glow Within? It’s bursting with flavour, nutrients and colour and is quick to make, so busy mornings don’t have to mean an unhealthy breakfast on the go! You can mix it up with your own favourite leafy greens and nut milk. The almonds and seeds make it super filling, and the mango and green veggies provide a burst of vitamins.

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Broad Bean Hummus

Hummus is a fridge staple for many of us, but have you ever tried making your own, and adding green veggies to it? If not, we’d love you to try! This hummus recipe, from Lazy Cat Kitchen, uses fresh broad beans but you can also buy them frozen and, just like peas, store them in your freezer. Broad beans are a winning combination of protein and fibre and the green mint in this recipe adds a refreshing zing to make it even tastier.

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Quinoa Superfood Salad

This salad, also from Lazy Cat Kitchen, is so beautiful it’s almost too good to eat. It certainly frees us from the tyranny of a boring and uninspiring salad of iceberg lettuce, cucumber and tomato and would sit proudly on any dinner table. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals and fibre, so will keep you fuller for longer. Eat it in all ways from picnic to centrepiece to WOW your guests.

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Green Pea & Mint Soup

Warming, comforting and ever so good for you, this vibrant green pea soup from Rebel Recipes is a crowd pleaser. Peas are a source of plant-based protein and full of fibre and vitamins. It’s souper easy to make in large batches to last the week and if you can resist the temptation not to eat it beforehand, it is ideal as a warm and healthy lunch. Toss in some spinach leaves or whole peas for extra green textures.

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Five Minute Chimmi Churri Sauce

This super quick sauce, from Lauren Caris Cooks, is inspired by Argentinian cooking and makes the perfect accompaniment for many dishes. It’s fab as a healthy dip with some chunky bread or to add a zesty green kick to your favourite GOODMINZ burger! Full of herbs, garlic and chilli, you can make this sauce your own by adjusting the ingredients to suit your taste, just give the flavours time to infuse, then enjoy!

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Cavolo Nero Pesto

Pushed for time and need to whip up something quick and healthy? Look no further than The Greedy Vegan’s green pesto made with cavolo nero. Cavolo nero is similar to kale and just as deserving of its nutritious superfood title. Perfect with a bowl of pasta, the nutritional yeast in this recipe gives a cheesy flavour, whilst still being vegan. Nutritional yeast with added vitamin B12 is a great supplement in the plant-based diet.

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Baked Green Pea Fritters

These beautiful pea green fritters, made by Wallflower Kitchen using Birds Eye peas, can be eaten as a snack just as they are, in a wrap with salad and hummus, or with potatoes and other veggies as a main meal. They’re also ideal for feeding fussy eaters and kids their green vegetables. You can choose which herbs to add, and even add some chilli if you like a bit of heat. Yummy!

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Watercress & Pea Risotto

As you can probably guess, we’re really in to peas. They’re a hero ingredient in our Green GOODMINZ and we adore them. Sweet and nutritious, they taste amazing and are super versatile. This risotto perfectly combines the delicate flavour of peas with the bold favour of watercress. Watercress is so much more than a garnish, it’s rich in vitamins and minerals and packs a peppery punch and lovely crunch to dishes.

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Mini Raw Key Lime Pies

Pretty, adorable and totally delicious. These mini Key Lime Pies, made from avocados, almonds, cashew nuts and coconut oil, are sure to impress your family and friends. The recipe, from Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen for MaxiNutrition, is easy to make and because they are raw none of the vitamin C from the avocado and lime is lost in cooking – amazing!

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Spinach & Almond Cupcakes

And last, but certainly not least – who doesn’t love a cupcake? These beautiful spinach based cupcakes, from Veggie Desserts (new book just released), will be the centre of attention wherever they’re served up. Famous for giving Popeye his super strength, spinach is loaded with iron and antioxidant properties. However, fear not, the almonds balance the flavours here so these cupcakes are still satisfyingly sweet.

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WOW, we’re super inspired after writing about these ten super green plant-based recipes from a bunch of amazing cooks.

As they show, green veggies can be served up in all different shapes and sizes, and can turn any recipe into a hero meal.

The next in our top ten series will feature recipes in the colour purple; connect with us on social media using the links above and we’ll let you know when it’s published.

And don’t forget, our Green GOODMINZ features broccoli, peas and spinach and is a versatile kitchen staple; so get creative with it and see what wonderful creations you can come up with.

Happy cooking and eating more green plants!