Top 10 Perfect Purple Plant Based Recipes

At Reroot Foods, we love to celebrate the colour purple.

Often associated with decadent royalty and nobility, it has an air of grandeur about it. In nature lavender, violets and amethyst are all beautiful hues of purple. Even carrots started off purple, before the orange upstart took over in the popularity stakes.

And we make Purple GOODMINZ! So what better way to celebrate this purple protagonist that’s packed with beetroot, sweet potato and celeriac, than sharing our top ten perfect purple plant-based recipes?

Apple, Beetroot and Ginger Juice

This vibrant juice from Rawberry Fields is an ideal morning antioxidant and vitamin boost. The ginger gives it a warming zing, perfect as a pick-me-up, especially on cold, dark mornings. It’s super-detoxing too, especially good if you’re feeling a bit sluggish. And because this is a raw recipe, you get all the goodness, just as nature intended. Just whizz up the ingredients and you’re good to go…

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Gözleme with Beetroot and Horseradish

We adore horseradish with beetroot, and we regularly pimp our Purple GOODMINZ with a dollop of the hot stuff. This recipe from Lazy Cat Kitchen features gözleme, a traditional savoury flatbread from Turkey. The beetroot filling is inspired by Polish cuisine and makes a much more interesting and enjoyable lunchbox filling than plain old sandwiches. Beetroots are full of fibre, filling you up through the afternoon.

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Beet-a-Ganoush Dip

Who doesn’t love a dip? This moreish purple twist on Middle Eastern baba ganoush is such a pretty colour, it’ll brighten up any picnic, even if the weather doesn’t. Aubergines are at the centre of any baba ganoush, and blackening them on the hob to give them a fab smoky flavour is so satisfying. If you haven’t tried it, it’s a must! This recipe from Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen is full of immune boosting antioxidants.

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Red Cabbage and Beetroot Salad

Summery, zingy and a perfect side dish, this salad-slash-slaw from Nutrition Dynamics is so simple to make. Eating a variety of coloured plant based foods means you get a cacophony of phytonutrients, and this dish doesn’t disappoint in the vitamin stakes. Red cabbage is high in vitamin C and potent antioxidants called anthocyanins, whilst beetroots contain nitrates, which naturally lower blood pressure. Super!

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Beetroot Gnocchi

This recipe (for probably the most beautiful gnocchi, ever) uses browned butter as a dressing but can easily be ‘vegan-ed up’ with a delicious sage, olive oil and lemon juice alternative. Walnuts contain more antioxidants than any other nut and adds a crunchy bite to this delicious main meal. Make this Miss Marzipan recipe next time you have friends over, and forever be known for your vibrant, colourful dishes!

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Beetroot Barley Risotto with Roasted Carrots

Is this the ultimate TV dinner? Yes, we think so. Warming, comforting and oh-so healthy, Lauren Caris Cooks has created purple food perfection. Using barley in place of traditional Arborio rice gives this risotto a firmer texture; an ideal pairing for the earthy, soft beetroot. The maple syrup and roasted carrots also give a delicate sweetness. Load up your bowl, grab a fork and switch on your fave boxset. Heaven.

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Beetroot and Chilli Ketchup

Making your own ketchup might seem like an indulgent pastime, but this one from The Veg Space is like none you can buy in the shops. It’ll add a kick to any GOODMINZ burger and is delicious with a side of sweet potato wedges. It’s made with the staples you’ll probably already have in your kitchen cupboards. So if you find yourself with a glut of beetroot from the garden or your veg box, turn them into ketchup!

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Vegan Fudgy Beetroot Brownies

OK, it may not BE purple, but it’s made of purple. And if it’s indulgence you’re looking for, these fudgy beetroot brownies from The Tofu Diaries have everything you need and more. The addition of coffee exquisitely accentuates the cacao flavour. And because they contain beetroot as their hero ingredient, you can happily count them as one of your five a day!

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Coconut and Purple Sweet Potato Vegan Ice Cream

Once you have found a place to buy purple sweet potatoes, never, ever forget it – they are super-healthy and full of anthocyanins. But if you can’t find purple sweet potatoes, make it orange with orange sweet potatoes and it will still be delish! This ice cream from Wallflower Kitchen is so beautiful, you’ll want to rush dinner to get to dessert (or eat it for dinner, we won’t tell). The optional vodka makes this a perfect adults- only affair!

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Vegan Black Forest Cake

How good does this black forest cake look? Lazy Cat Kitchen has taken this 1970s dinner party classic, and pimped it up for plant-based cake-lovers. If you can bare to share, this cake will be the talk of the town. All the hard work in developing a stable vegan cream thick enough to hold the layers has been done for you. Just follow this recipe to the letter and you’ll give Mary Berry a run for her money.

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And there you have it, everything you need to produce a veritable purple feast.

Purple GOODMINZ can be used to make no end of dishes including these amazing American style burgers created for us by Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen.

And we’ve proved that purple doesn’t have to mean processed; it does mean delicious, natural, colourful food that makes any meal come alive!

Prince was definitely onto something…