Super-herby Green GOODMINZ no-meat balls

GOODMINZ is designed so you can add your own flavourings to create your favourite recipes and combinations (See our Pimp your GOODMINZ post here).

To inspire you we asked award-winning blogger Niki Webster at Rebel Recipes to create a series of GOODMINZ recipes pimped with herbs, spices, nuts, seeds, fruits and other ingredients.

Niki’s first recipe is Super-herby Green GOODMINZ no-meat balls with mint & coriander dressing, rainbow slaw & flatbread

GOODMINZ no-meat balls can be used in so many ways, and shaping them is quick and easy – see our video here.

In Niki’s own words:

The no-meat balls are super easy to make, delicious, packed with protein and contain basil, chive, pumpkin seeds and mild green chilli (to add a bit of zing).

And you know how much I love a herby dressing? So I combined fresh mint and coriander with tahini and lemon juice for a lovely green dressing. Both the dressing and the no-meat balls work really well with any herbs, so just use your favourites or you could swap the herbs around between the dressing and the balls for ultimate versatility.

For extra crunch I made a lovely fresh rainbow slaw packed with colourful veg. And of course you need a flatbread to contain and scoop up all these goodies!

The recipe and beautiful images can be seen here on the Rebel Recipes website.

I’m super excited to have teamed up with @rerootfoods to work on their new product range GOODMINZ! GOODMINZ is plant based fresh mince made from vegetables. It’s fantastic to work with, tastes delicious, packed with veggies and perfect for making no-meat balls, veggie burgers, pizza toppings etc etc And you need to see the amazing rainbow colours! So here’s my first recipe – Super-herby Green GOODMINZ no-meat balls with mint & coriander dressing, rainbow slaw & flatbread. Seriously delicious! 😍 Recipe link and more info in my bio lovelies 🙊😉 #spon #eatmoreplants * * * #veggies #nomeatballs #eathealthy #organic #onmyblog #styling #photography #photography #plantstrong #plantpower #rainbow #vegan #rslove #heresmyfood #theveganclub #foods4thought #foodstyling #wholefoods #whatveganseat #wellness #nutrition #organicfood #sustainability #buzzfeast #falafel

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Thanks so much to Niki at Rebel Recipes; we can’t wait for her next recipe with Brown GOODMINZ.

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