Hi, I’m Richard Reeves – founder of Reroot Foods.

Reroot Foods’ story goes back to when I left home to study Environmental Science at a wild and wonderful place called Aberystwyth. I was vegetarian, I lived on a diet of hummus and, to the despair of my classmates, wore leg warmers knitted by my Nan 🙂

Fast forward a few years and I’m ever-more inspired to transform plants into delicious wholesome meals. I’ve worked in the food industry for many years and am certified in plant-based cookery by world-renowned chef educator Chad Sarno at the Rouxbe Culinary School.

Plants are awesome. They turn our kitchens into places of goodness and inspiration. Eating more plants helps us maintain or recover tip-top health. It contributes positively towards the environmental and population pressures facing our world. And it is also rather good for all creatures great and small.

Reroot’s mission is to develop and sell innovative plant-based food products that inspire people to eat more plants.

Our first product range – GOODMINZ is mince made from fresh vegetables and other wholesome ingredients like chickpeas and quinoa. It’s an inspiring new kitchen staple – amazing if you love veggies, a revelation if you are vegan or vegetarian and a culinary inspiration if you just want to eat more plants.

This celebration of vegetables makes it uniquely different to the ‘veggie minces’ and other meat substitutes on the market.

We’d love you to join our community and keep up to date with GOODMINZ and our plant-based adventures. Sign up for our newsletter here and connect with us on social media using the links above.

Enjoy your visit to our website, and…eating more plants!