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Reroot Foods Ltd. is a plant-based food products business. Our mission is to develop and sell innovative plant-based food products that inspire people to eat more plants.

Plants turn our kitchens into places of goodness and inspiration. Eating more plants helps us maintain or recover tip-top health. It contributes positively towards the environmental and population pressures facing our world. And it is also rather good for all creatures great and small.

These factors are creating a necessary shift in eating patterns in the UK and globally. Eating more plants is not a ‘trend’; it is a dynamic of global scale and is showing considerable market growth.

Reroot Foods is run by Richard Reeves. Richard is a food and brand development specialist. He is certified in plant-based cookery by world-renowned chef educator Chad Sarno (Rouxbe Culinary School). He was also professionally-trained as a chef at Leith’s School of Food & Wine.

Our first product range is GOODMINZ® – a range of fresh minces made from plants. GOODMINZ is an inspiring new kitchen staple with delicious flavours, lovely textures and a rainbow of colours. There are four fresh minces in the range, which are easy to turn into family favourites or creative dishes any time of the day.

We have a number of other innovative and exciting product ranges in our development pipeline.

If you would like to read the latest scoops on the plant-based foods market, we curate a fascinating newsfeed here.

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