American Style Vegan Burgers

The UK is a multi-cultural melting pot of flavours. Global cuisines are the most popular foods we eat – flavours from Asia to Africa fill our plates with cultural diversity and delicious-ness.

So, we asked Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen to create a series of delicious themed GOODMINZ recipes from the great global cuisines.

We kick off the journey in the good ol’ US of A with a recipe that uses Purple GOODMINZ in American Style Vegan Burgers.

GOODMINZ burgers and patties can be used in so many ways, and shaping them is quick and easy – see our video here.

In Nadia’s own words:

When I think of American food, the first thing that pops into my head is burgers and fries, I mean French fries 😛, and for this recipe I chose to use Purple GOODMINZ for the base as I wanted the burgers to have that medium rare, pink-in-the-middle ‘meaty’ kind of feel.

I kept the recipe fairly simple as GOODMINZ is already lightly seasoned, but I added a little extra flavouring to give it a bit of heat. I also created a simple homemade vegan mayo to go with it because what’s a burger without mayo?!

The recipe can be seen here on Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen, along with a fab video from her Instagram below.

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