Want a fresh alternative for your meat-reducing, vegetarian or vegan diet? Want delicious plant-based products to add to your kitchen staples? Like versatile ingredients that are easy to cook? Want to eat (more) healthily? Don’t like the sound of faux meats? Want to eat food that’s good for the planet and all creatures great and small?

GOODMINZ® is fresh mince, made from plants. An inspiring new kitchen staple, it has delicious flavours, lovely textures and a rainbow of colours. It is easy to turn into family favourites or creative dishes any time of the day. We love it as veggie burgers and sausages, no-meat balls, in wraps and as pasta and pizza toppings.


“I absolutely love GOODMINZ. It’s so convenient having a plant-based mince in my fridge for a quick nutritious meal, it’s loads of fun and packed full of amazing ingredients – making healthier eating much easier. My GOODMINZ global recipe series has gone down brilliantly in my community – everyone loves GOODMINZ!”

Nadia, Food Blogger / Nadia's Healthy Kitchen

“I’m creating series of GOODMINZ recipes pimped with herbs, spices, nuts, seeds, fruits and other ingredients. Being able to take the core flavours of the products in any direction you choose is amazing. GOODMINZ is so clever and so delicious, it’s THE new thing, we love it as a kitchen staple and my followers are super-excited too!”

Niki, Food Blogger / Rebel Recipes

“They look so amazing, now I am craving a burger for lunch”…

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“THIS LOOKS INCREDIBLE, so fresh, delicious and all round awesome”

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Oh my gosh, these look absolutely mouthwatering and delicious.

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“GOODMINZ sounds awesome and so incredibly versatile”

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“Is this heaven or what, I would love to eat this plateful of goodness”

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“WOW, this is EXACTLY what I want for dinner tonight…”

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